Crazy And Cool Crystal Ball Photography – HD360x PhotoSphere

Reflection comes as a recurrent word in photography. But have you ever heard about refraction?

If used correctly, you can come up with great shots using refraction. A lot of times, photographers produced compelling shots that left thousands of mouths agape.


One tool you can use to achieve great refraction images is the crystal ball. In particular, we have the Photosphere in hand from HD360x. Using the HD360x PhotoSphere to take a shot of a beautiful background may seem easy, but there’s always a better reward for those who mastered taking shots with this amazing photography accessory.

So what happens when you use the HD360x Photosphere?

Refraction takes place as light passes through this transparent spherical object. Light becomes bent, and a distortion would manifest. As a result, you can see an inverted image of your subject through the HD360x Photosphere.


There are a lot of ways you can do to deal with inverted images coming from the crystal ball. Here are some tips you can make use of.

#1 – Blur The Background

Using bokeh, you can blur the background to emphasize the scenery in the ball. It’s a good way to not give too much details and confusion in your image.

#2 – A Closer Shot

This works best on backgrounds with a lot of things going on such as a busy city. Fill the Photosphere with your subject and  take a shot. Use a wide angle lens for breathtaking results.

#3 – Choose The Right Lens

As suggested above, a wide angle lens and crystal ball partnership will produce spectacular results depending on the scene. Another great option is a macro lens or a macro-capable telephoto lens as it allows you to execute bokeh easily.

#4 – Mind The Aperture

One that’s very small may not blur the background. On the other hand, large apertures won’t produce a sharp image inside the ball. Consider an aperture of around f/4 but it really depends on your subject, though.

#5 – Place The Ball In A Safe Place

As it’s not easy to take pictures while holding the crystal ball, users come up with their own ways to get it fixed in a good place. If you could not find any place for the ball, ask a friend to hold it for you. It’s not comfortable to bring two balls in a long trip so might as well do your best to not break it.

Where To Use The Photosphere?

Almost anywhere!

For as long as you can hold the ball with a scenery behind, and the lighting allows you to take a decent photo, then it’s a good place to use the Photosphere.

Here are some great backgrounds for you to consider:

  • Sunset
  • City at night
  • Beaches
  • Temples
  • Sakura (Cherry blossom)
  • Waterfall
  • Snowy mountains
  • Night lights
  • Aurora borealis
  • Awesome architecture

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